SyncTERM is a BBS terminal program which supports:

  • Windows, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, OS X, and FreeBSD
  • X/Y/ZModem up/downloads
  • Full-screen mode on ALL platforms (ALT-Enter switches modes)
  • *nix versions using SDL, X11, or curses
  • Full ANSI-BBS support
  • Full CGTerm Commodore 64 PETSCII support
  • Full Atari 8-bit ATASCII support
  • DoorWay
  • IBM low and high ASCII including the face graphics (☺ and ☻) and card symbols (♥, ♦, ♣, and ♠) which so many other terms have problems with (may not work in curses mode... depends on the terminal being used).
  • Phone books
  • Multiple screen modes (80x25, 80x28, 80x43, 80x50, 80x60, 132x25, 132x28, 132x30, 132x34, 132x43, 132x50, 132x60)
  • ANSI Music (through the sound card if installed)
  • Telnet, RLogin, SSH, RAW, modem, shell (*nix only) and direct serial connections
  • Auto-login with Synchronet RLogin
  • Large Scrollback
  • Mouse-driven menus
  • Copy/Paste
  • Character pacing for ANSI animation as well as the VT500 ESC[*r sequence to allow dynamic speed changes
  • 43 standard fonts, and allows the BBS to change the current font *and* upload custom fonts. (Fontraption will allow you to create fonts for use with SyncTERM.)
  • Operation Overkill ][ Terminal emulation

For detailed specs on SyncTERMs handling of ANSI, as well as it's many extensions, refer to this document.

To install SyncTERM as your default telnet:// and rlogin:// handler follow the instructions for *nix Mozilla/Firefox or Win32.

Please file bug reports at the SourceForge bug tracker and feature requests in the Feature Request tracker.

SyncTERM v1.1 is now available for Mac and Windows

Stable releases are available from the Logo project page.

If you haven't chosen your favourite terminal yet, why not try out MagiTerm, EtherTerm, Qodem, NetRunner, and IcyTerm too!

Also check out the SyncTERM cloud service!

You can get the latest git code with the following command:
git clone

Or you can download the latest official release here.

Alternate downloads
OS Last recompiled File size
Win32 Sat Jul 13 2024 07:01:45 3,284K
Win64 Sat Jul 13 2024 07:01:48 3,785K
Mac OS X (x86_64) Sat Feb 24 2024 19:54:49 6,397K
macOS (arm64) Sat Mar 16 2024 16:01:52 6,120K
Mac OS X (DMG - x86_64) Fri Jun 26 2015 18:38:46 10,912K
The rest of these should be built from source whenever possible.
64-bit Linux build available from: DigitalMan Not local Not local
32-bit Linux build available from: MarisaG Not local Not local
Solaris/SPARC Tue Jun 05 2007 11:00:48 195K
Nokia N8x0 Tablet Version (thanks to qwerty!) Mon Jan 05 2009 07:45:18 220K
Linux/SPARC Fri Dec 16 2005 06:09:28 209K
Haiku package available from art Not local Not local

Or download the Complete Source as of Sat Jul 13 2024 07:01:41 (9,710K)